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Our mission is to make welding easier and more efficient for all of our customers, regardless of their level of experience or the materials they are working with. We are committed to providing the latest and greatest technology, as well as the most comprehensive support and training for our customers. Whether you are a professional welder or just starting out, Airwelder has the perfect solution for you.


Our team, led by Dr. Wong, is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for our customers and providing them with the best possible welding experience. With a focus on high-quality products and reasonable prices, Airwelder is the perfect choice for anyone looking for advanced laser welding technology.

About us

Airwelder is a Cutting-edge Laser Welding Solution


Airwelder is a Chinese company that specializes in providing high-tech laser welding solutions for a variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Our cutting-edge technology, known as airwelder, allows for easy and efficient welding of steel, much like the popular lightweld technology from IPG Laser.

We offer a wide range of laser welding machines and air welders that are specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. From small, portable machines to large, industrial-grade equipment, we have something for everyone. Our machines are easy to use and come with detailed instructions and training, so you can start welding right away.

  • 4X Fast Welding Speed
  • Easy to Use
  • High Quality Results
  • No Deformation

Why Choice Us

Focusing on New Tech Laser Welding Solution

Airwelder is a new tech laser welding solutions, Laser Welding is a New tech welding technology used to join several metal components. A laser produces a beam of high-intensity that is concentrated into one spot. This concentrated heat source enables fine, deep welding and high welding speeds.

World Brand Fiber Laser

Airwelder use IPG fiber source, Maxphotonics, Raycus Laser Source, world leading fiber laser technology, ensure high quality industrial welding.


Airwelder designs with the Intelligent 3-in-1 Laser Welding Controlling system, combination of handheld laser welding, laser cutting and laser welding in one machine, are responsible for the highest precision of the welding process.

Wobble Welding Tech

Airwelder use the Wobble tech laser welding gun with an electric lens optic control system (oscillation) allow you to weld steel to aluminium.

Welding Library

Airwelder comes with Easy Welding Craft Library, different welding parameter demo saved in the system, easy to weld the same in your business.

Auto Wire Feeding

Airwelder works with automatic wire feeding system, single wire feeding and dual wire feeding for high power laser welding.


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All we do to bring new tech laser welding technology to improve your welding productivity.

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