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Published on: Laser Welding Technique

How to Select Laser Welding Wire

There no need special welding wire for laser welding, it is same wire as the normal argon welding wire, but the wire for laser welding need to be sure of the quality, otherwise will bring bad welding results.

Laser Welding Wire
  1. Welding wire follow the material you weld, if you are welding stainless steel Er304, then require ER304 welding wire.
  2. Carbon steel welding wire was use for welding carbon steel and galvanized steel sheet, and you can also use stainless steel wire for welding carbon steel.
  3. It requires aluminium wire for welding aluminium sheet, we recommend to you 5 series (5xxxx)alloy aluminium for laser welding, because high hardness to keep it feeding smooth without stuck.
  4. Regarding of the diameter of the welding wire, for thicker material, or bigger gap welding, requires bigger welding wire, also high laser power output, even there are dual wire feeding options.

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