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Published on: Laser Welding Technique

How to Understand The Black Smoke in Laser Welding

How to Understand The Black Smoke in Laser Welding?

Laser welding is similar to laser cutting, and black smoke is a normal phenomenon when a high-temperature laser beam is applied to the iron plate.

The material are different and the black smoke is also different.

Compared with traditional Co2 welding, the black smoke generated by laser welding is much smaller, because the laser welding speed is fast, and it feels like a lot of black smoke is generated. But it is a few of smoke was generate during the laser welding. But it did happens.

So how to reduce black smoke?

We have done different tests and come up with the following experiences for your reference:

A, the black smoke of welding and the welding material have a great relationship, different welding materials have different of black smoke, we have done aluminum alloy welding before, different aluminum alloy welding materials have a big difference in black smoke size, related to the quality of the material. It is less smoke on Stainless steel welding than the Carbon steel welding.

B, More black smoke was generated during welding if the workpiece surface has an oil film protective layer, an oxide layer.

C, Welding black smoke related to the quality of welding wire, because there are different quality welding wire on the market, it is recommended to buy smoke-free welding wire.

D, the welding black smoke related to the welding process, such as welding speed, technique, etc. For example, in our experience, welding aluminum at low power may generated less black smoke than welding at higher laser power.

E, if the protective lens in the laser welding head is damaged, it will affect the welding result, and it will bring more the black smoke during the welding process.

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