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Compared to traditional TIG welding methods, handheld laser welding machines have clear advantages in irregular welding fields like home appliances, cabinets, and elevators, especially when working with stainless steel. They offer better welding quality, ease of use, environmental safety, and cost-effectiveness.

With TIG welding, you usually need to do grinding after welding, but with handheld laser welding, you hardly need to do any grinding or just a little bit. This saves on labor costs for grinding.

air welder laser welding machine

In terms of cost, TIG welding operators need certification to work. Currently, the annual labor cost for a skilled welder is at least $80,000 in China. However, handheld laser welding can be done by regular operators, and the annual labor cost is only $50,000. Considering that handheld laser welding is at least twice as efficient as TIG welding (in reality, laser welding is much faster), it can save labor costs of $110,000 per year.

The initial purchase cost of handheld laser welding machines is higher than that of TIG welding equipment. However, when considering the actual labor cost, handheld laser welding machines have significant advantages.

handheld laser welding

It’s important to note that not all factories are suitable for purchasing handheld laser welding machines because the purchase cost is relatively high. However, the advantages of handheld laser welding machines are widely recognized. If your product is made of stainless steel and requires high welding quality, and if you have enough orders and need better equipment to improve production efficiency, then a handheld laser welding machine would be a good choice.

laser welding machine air cooling

Based on the information I’ve gathered from the market, more and more metalworking factories, including those producing machinery and electrical cabinets, are purchasing at least one handheld laser welding machine to complement their existing welding equipment. Some early adopters of handheld laser welding machines have realized their advantages and are purchasing multiple machines to increase production capacity. The number of users with 3, 5, or even 10 handheld laser welding machines is growing.

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TIG welding is a tool, laser welding is a tool, laser welder will bring you fast and clean welding, you are just as good as your tool. I believe t handheld laser welding machines will bring unexpected and improved welding results to you.

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