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Handheld Laser Welding Gas

Laser welding machine also require for gas assistant welding, similar to TIG welding (argon welding), Need to use argon gas as the shielding gas to protect the weld area from oxidation. Normally we use argon gas for stainless steel and aluminium welding, gas pressure recommend


Compared to traditional TIG welding methods, handheld laser welding machines have clear advantages in irregular welding fields like home appliances, cabinets, and elevators, especially when working with stainless steel. They offer better welding quality, ease of use, environmental safety, and cost-effectiveness. With TIG welding, you
laser welding machine air cooling


INTRODUCTION, Handheld laser welding machines have gained immense popularity in the metalworking industry since IPG introduced a handheld laser welding machine, LIGHTWELD 1500. The advantages they offer have made them a preferred choice among professionals. With clean weld seams, fast welding speeds, and ease of

Handheld Laser Welding: Tips and Advantages

Laser welding machine has many advantages, such as fast welding speed and easy operation. They are portable and flexible, making them ideal for welding in hard-to-reach areas. Welding steel with minimal distortion. However, handheld laser welding machines cannot replace traditional welding equipment completely, neither can

Laser Welding Table Material/Thickness/Power

Tips: 1.For thick steel welding, requires bigger diameter welding wire, 2. Higher laser power, bigger wire, slow down wire feeding speed. 3. Low power, white color welding, higher power, the color of welding bead from white to brown to dark. 3. Lower value scanning width

How to Understand The Black Smoke in Laser Welding

How to Understand The Black Smoke in Laser Welding? Laser welding is similar to laser cutting, and black smoke is a normal phenomenon when a high-temperature laser beam is applied to the iron plate. The material are different and the black smoke is also different.

How to Select the Welding Nozzle

There are a few kinds of nozzle for different purpose, Please check below demo to figure out the difference of  the nozzles, CS-12, Type C nozzle with the wire feeding, diameter 12mm AS-12, Type A nozzle with the wire feeding, diameter 12mm DS-12, Type D

How to Select Laser Welding Wire

There no need special welding wire for laser welding, it is same wire as the normal argon welding wire, but the wire for laser welding need to be sure of the quality, otherwise will bring bad welding results. Welding wire follow the material you weld,