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1. What is AirWelder?
  • AirWelder is a portable laser welding machine that utilizes the latest technology to weld stainless steel and aluminum without the need for additional polishing.It is easy to use and can be used in any environment, making it an ideal choice for welding projects.
2. How Big product could be welded by Airwelder?

The AirWelder laser welding machine is designed with an 8-15 meter long fiber cable, allowing for welding of products up to 8-15 meters in size. The machine is also equipped with wheels, making it easy to move and use outdoors with a power supply.

3.What materials can the fiber laser handheld welding machine weld? And the Thickness?

Airwelder laser welding machine have been use for welding 0.3-8.0mm thick Stainless Steel, Galvanized sheet, Iron,Aluminum.

Please refer to the welding table.

4. Is it easy to use? I know nothing about the laser welding.

Of course, Airwelder is an easy use handheld laser welding machine, you can use it freely after watching the video guide, practice makes perfect, Welding experience will help you to see the possibilities of the laser welding technology.

5. Is the laser beam constant or can it be pulsed?

Airwelder with both constant and pulse function output,

It was designed with continuous wave laser generator, and the laser is on constantly welding with fast speed.

Pulse welding function is control by the laser welding controller and the welding gun, to enable output of the laser beam with pulse type, slower welding with less heat input to the material, to get the fish scale welding.

6. If Airwelder includes the wire feeder?

A: Yes, All the machine includes feeder, It is motorized, Auto feeding wire when you press the trigger on the welding gun

Airwelder 1000 watts with 0.8-1.0mm wire,

Airwelder 1500 watts can take 0.8-1.6mm wire,

Airwelder 2000-3000 watts can take 0.8-2.0mm wire.

7.What is the different between LIGHTWELD and Airwelder?

Lightweld 1500 is a product of IPG laser, a renowned laser source company.

It is equipped with an air-cooled IPG 1500w continuous type laser source, which is compact in size and provides excellent welding quality. It is priced at around 20K USD.

On the other hand, Airwelder is equipped with a water-cooled laser source, laser power 1500w to 3000w, which are capable of running stably in hot environments. It offers various laser source options such as IPG laser, Raycus laser, Max laser, BWT laser, and RECI laser. Airwelder with air cooled laser source also available in 800w and 1500w.

In short, Airwelder provides similar welding results as Lightweld but at a lower cost.

8.What is the spares parts, lifespan?

Airwelder is a new laser welding machine that requires optics and welding nozzles as spares.

The protective lens is used to protect the laser head and optics system from dust damage, and usually 10 pieces are needed per month. Depending on the usage, some may last for a long time without any damage, while others may need to be replaced.

The welding nozzle is similar to the plasma welding nozzle and is made of copper, requiring 3 pieces per month. The focus lens is usually not needed, but it is recommended to keep 1 piece in stock just in case.

The welding wire is a normal welding wire that can be purchased at a local shop, and the material varies depending on the type of material being welded.

9. How long is the warranty for the handheld laser welding machine?

A: Machine we offer 1 year warranty, and two years for the laser source, with the lifetime maintenance (Note: consumables are not included)

10. How do I buy AirWelder?

Please Email

Please Call or WhatsApp +8617819687780

11. Is AirWelder really faster than MIG and TIG welding?

Sure, You can use AirWelder to weld steel faster than the traditional welding methods, no further polishing, Revolution welding for stainless steel and aluminium.

But, Honestly, Laser welding can not covered the welding job that MIG/TIG welding do, such as the thick carbon steel welding, All we want to bring you the new tech laser welding to improve your welding productivity.

12.Is AirWelder really that easy to learn?

Yes, compared with MIG and TIG welding, either of which can take a lifetime to master, AirWelder is quick to learn, you can make high-quality welds in just a few hours even you are new in laser welding.

13.How do I know how to adjust the welding parameter?

AirWelder is a handheld laser welding machine, it is easy to use, man or woman can use it easily without welding any experiences, it is sure that if you have basic knowledge of the laser welding will help you to use the Airwelder easily,.

There are different welding parameter save in the software.

You can refer to the welding table and adjust the power up or down to match your travel speed and desired penetration, and you can save those changes and recall them as needed.

14. What is the maximum material thickness that can be welded?

Airwelder is a new tech handheld laser welding machine, it is good for welding stainless steel, galvanized steel, mild steel and aluminum, you can weld single-sided up to 4 mm and double-sided up to 10 mm related to the laser power.

Please refer to the welding thickness table.

15. What about vertical welding or upside down welding?

AirWelder is a new tech lase welding machine, equips with high technology laser generator, output high quality laser beam, there is no problem for vertical welding or upside down welding, but laser optic is a high accuracy require dust proof, just take care of it and making it safe and easy to weld in any position.

16.What is the duty cycle?

There are different power options of laser welding machine,

1500w, 2000w, 3000w,

You can run AirWelder at 100% duty cycle at the maximum capacity of the laser power.

Airwelder designs with two options cooling method, Water cooling model is available to run 24/7, and the Air cooling model is available to run 12/7.

17. What’s wobble welding?

Wobble welding is kinds of scanning technology of the on the laser head, enable the fast welding speed and good welding results.

18. Where can I see a demonstration of AirWelder?

You can contact us for a live demo.

And we have demo machine and showroom in Spain, Poland, Brazil, Thailand, India etc.

More demo centers is coming up in the near future.

19. What kinds of gas need for the handheld laser welding machine?

Argon gas for welding Stainless steel and Aluminium.

Nitrogen gas also can be used for welding Stainless steel and Aluminum.

Co2 gas for welding carbon steel, Iron, Galvanized steel

Clean compressed air for welding carbon steel, similar to use high pressure cleaning compressed air in laser cutting machine for steel cutting.

More demo centers is coming up in the near future.

20.What is the accuracy of a handheld laser welding machine

Because it is handheld laser welding, so the accuracy depends of your hand.

21.Can a handheld laser welding machine be used for precision welding.

Not recommend to use handheld laser welding machine for precision welding, you can use the 3 axis, 5 axis laser welding machine, or Robot laser welding machine for precision welding.

23.What are some disadvantages of using a handheld laser welding machine.

High cost when you buying a new handheld laser welding machine, the need for a operator have basic knowledge of laser technology, the risk of eye and skin damage from the laser beam, that is why need to wearing safety glasses, similar to the traditional welding methods, there is a risk of vaporization and release of hazardous fumes from certain types of materials.

22.How does a handheld laser welding machine compare to traditional welding techniques.

Fast welding speed, good welding quality, easy to use, no need skillful welding man.

It is good for welding 1-3mm stainless steel, Iron, aluminium,

If you want to welding thick carbon steel more than 8mm, please consider the traditional welding methods.

23.How long does it take to learn how to use a handheld laser welding machine.

Normally it takes 2hours if you know the experiences of the laser cutting machine or laser engraving.

It may take at least one day for training, if you know nothing about lasers.

more practices will bring you more experiences.

24.What safety precautions should be taken when using a handheld laser welding machine.

a.Wearing safety glasses (googles),

b.Wearing welding protective mask,

c.Ensuring proper ventilation and exhaust

25.Can a handheld laser welding machine be used for industrial applications.

Yes, handheld laser welding machines can be used for industrial applications, including welding metal parts, metal fabricating welding, furniture welding, window welding, steel duct welding, metal cabinet welding, etc.

26.Is a handheld laser welding machine suitable for DIY projects?

Yes, you can diy your own laser welding machine, just but the parts of the laser welding machine, obviously, the parts are the laser source, laser welding gun and the controller, you can diy it into Robot or an fixed the welding gun in your production line, there are more possibility when you know the advantages of the handheld laser welding machine, if you have any questions, please feel free to talk to us.

27.What is the cost of a handheld laser welding machine?

Equips with different parts, so the machine price is different, cost around at.

1000w 5500USD/SET

1500w 7000USD/SET

2000W 900USD/SET

3000W 15000USD/SET

28.What is the power consumption of a handheld laser welding machine?

1000w laser welder  ≤5KW 220v 50HZ

1500w laser welder  ≤7KW 220v 50HZ

2000w laser welder ≤9KW 220v 50HZ

3000w laser welder ≤16KW 380v 50HZ

29.Can a handheld laser welding machine be used for mass production?

Yes, 24hrs a day is available. Just keep some spare parts like welding nozzles, protective lens, focus lens in stock.

30.What kind of maintenance is required for a handheld laser welding machine?

a.Replace the Protective lens when it was damaged

b.Replace the Nozzle when it was damaged

c.Replace the Focus lens when it was damaged

d.Refill the water for the water chiller every month.