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Nitrogen Generator For Laser Welder

Nitrogen Generator For Laser Welder


nitrogen generator psa

Now we are using a Nitrogen generator to produce Nitrogen for assistant laser welding, as you know we need to use Argon gas or Nitrogen gas assistant while while we need to use the laser welding machine,
A PSA Nitrogen generator will help us to save cost of Nitrogen, if you can not easy to get the Nitrogen gas in the local market, it will be really helpful.

Nitrogen Generator for Laser Welding Machine 3

A PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption)

nitrogen generator is a system used to produce nitrogen gas from atmospheric air. It operates on the principle of pressure swing adsorption, a process that separates nitrogen molecules from other gases present in the air.


The system uses a material called an adsorbent, typically a type of carbon molecular sieve (CMS), which has a physical property that allows it to preferentially adsorb oxygen molecules from air under high pressure. When air is passed through a vessel containing CMS at high pressure, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor are adsorbed, and nitrogen gas is allowed to pass through as the product gas.

Pressure Swing

To continuously produce nitrogen, the PSA system uses at least two vessels filled with adsorbent material. While one vessel is in the adsorption phase, the other is in the regeneration phase (desorption). When the adsorbent in the first vessel becomes saturated with adsorbed gases, the system switches operation to the second vessel, and the first vessel’s pressure is rapidly reduced (desorbed), releasing the adsorbed gases (usually to the atmosphere), and regenerating the adsorbent material for the next cycle.

Nitrogen Generator for Laser Welding Machine 2
Nitrogen Generator for Laser Welding Machine 1

Production of Nitrogen

This process allows the system to produce a continuous flow of nitrogen gas, with purity levels that can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of the application. Nitrogen purities of up to 99.999% are achievable with PSA systems.


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